The Company

Hatfield Detectives (P) Ltd. is a premium detective agency in Delhi, India. As a private detective agency Hatfield provides discreet investigative services to its clientele in India and abroad. Hatfield private detectives serve individualsand clients in banks, insurance companies andmultinational corporations delivering reports with diligence, integrity and sincerity.

Hatfield Detectives is an organisation which traces its beginning to 1991 by Mr. Ajit Singh.

Investigation and is known for his impeccable service. Mr. Ajit Singh has traveled throughout the length and breadth of this country and abroad in connection with the investigation. Although he has a big network throughout, but because of his personal devotion to his field, he keeps every case of investigation under his supervision. Mr. Ajit Singh is the member of "WORLD ASSOCIATION OF DETECTIVES INC., USA". & connected with more than 1500 private detectives of 70 countries throughout the world.

Hatfield Detectives offers a complete range of private investigation services for your business & personal investigations needs, all over India and abroad. Our Investigation and research services will provide you with information you need. We answer the who, what, where, when & how of the issues.

We are one of the leading private investigation organizations in India, which has carved its own place in the field of Private Investigations. Hatfield Detectives' fame has spread far beyond India's boundaries. The Group's overseas clients include banks, insurance companies, multinational corporations and individuals.

The Corporate office of Hatfield Detectives is located in New Delhi, India. This office allows the organisation to represent clients throughout the state and region.

With knowledgeable, highly disciplined and resourceful personnel, Hatfield Detectives is the right choice for all your investigation needs in india and abroad.

Hatfield's Value Statement
Our business practices are guided by RESPECT, FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY. These values are fundamental and must be extended to all employees, clients, partners and vendors.

Because we strive to continually provide our clients with valued services, it is essential that we uphold the highest standards of COMPETENCE, PRODUCTIVITY and ACCOUNTABILITY through our hiring, management and training practices.

We respect individual talents but it is TEAMWORK that galvanizes our overall success.

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