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Pre Employment Verifications Delhi | Pre-Employment Verifications Agency – Hatfield Detectives IndiaThe backbone of any company is its employees. When you are picking the right candidate diligence is most important. We hope that one must not regret later after recruiting or selecting senior activities who intend fraudulent activities. Loyalty and integrity of an executive is more vital than their productivity and profitability.

Pre-employment verifications agency always give insights of a candidate’s background which may have why he lost his previous job or position if not revealed, criminal record, true qualifications, and authenticity of full CV etc. Much before they are formally appointed, Hatfield detective agency in Delhi, India serves as a pre-employment verifications agency delivering investigative reports on prospective employees.

Usually senior level positions are filled by references without much of a hassle and expenses of interviews and advertisements. Hit and Trial or error methods will not work for such critical cases as a wrong candidate means loss of reputation and revenue. It is prudent to check the antecedents of a prospective employee as changed circumstances may induce unethical behaviour.

Hatfield detective agency being a Pre-Employment Verification Agency in Delhi, India delivers employment screening services which provide concise investigative reports that briefs up the current details about a candidate firmly for easy understanding. To avoid a candidate as well as appoint the right candidate, the pre-employment Verification reports and statistics delivered on-time helps companies.

In case of situations arises where there is a doubt as to the legitimacy of a C.V, our team is able to confirm the details contained and, where necessary, and checks to see if any previous employment details have been omitted. Hatfield detectives provides a full package of employment screening services including verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation. Each check will provide the most accurate and current information available, summarized and provided to you in an easy to read investigative report. Services like these can be quickly and efficiently done since we know that it is not practical to wait for days to obtain the required details and risk losing a potentially valuable candidate. We uncover the past to protect your future.

Recruiting a bad employee can cause you thousands of rupees in lost time. You also loose productivity; there is a risk of theft and even fraud to the company.

In the era of professional executives and Professional management, we have to fill the top positions in any business house. Many senior positions are filled through references and negotiations and the management saves a few thousands per annum in selecting professionals through open advertisements.

It is vital to know the previous track record of an executive regarding his capability to profitability and productivity and ensure his level of loyalty and integrity.

Companies with fast turnover of executives will appreciate that it is always better to spend a few thousands in the verification of antecedents of an incumbent rather than try one for few months and allow him to play with funds of the organisation and then get rid of him.

Typical examples are : -

  • Not mentioning a previous employment record because of a certain matter
  • Showing false qualifications
  • Fabricating the entire resume to attain a particular desired position

Without pre-employment screening one may be gambling with his organisation future. Companies that hope to succeed in today’s competitive environment must know the entire background of their prospective employees.