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Private Detective Agency Delhi Detectives Delhi, Surveillance Agency, Corporate Investigations, Private Detective Delhi Private Investigators, Detective Agencies Forging another personís handwriting or signature is a major crime witnessed across the globe. This leads to loss of revenue as well as reputation. Fraudsters may try to forge cheques, sign authorization letters, issue indents and cause miscommunication in business deals.

Handwriting analysis authentication in Delhi and elsewhere also covers frauds suspected in domestic issues such as wills and letters which may lead to wrong judgment, psychological misery and loss of revenue to affected party.

In both cases companies for handwriting authentication strive to detect fraud and locate the fraudster. Hatfield Detectives along with forensic experts exceling in handwriting analysis authentication in Delhi use experience and modern techniques to detect fraud.

Forensic document examiners studythe ink, paper, handwritingand signatures and by comparison are able to identify forgery. They can also testify in court if fraud is detected. They can examine typewritten, computer-generated, photocopied and faxed documents to detect alterations.